How to get started


You need to download and install :

Quick step by step

  • Download latest binary release.
  • Unzip the content in your <Mesure> directory

  • Set up your Card Reader in file <Mesure>/config/Manager/ManagerConfig.xml, by giving your card reader name :
    • The given name by the windows XP registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Cryptography\Calais\Readers
    • The "FRIENDLYNAME" from the file /etc/reader.conf under Linux with PCSC-Lite

  • You should also keep in mind that testing takes time. You might want to edit the list of tests in <Mesure>/config/Manager/ManagerConfig.xml.

  • Set up your Card in file <Mesure>/config/cards/CardConfig.xml
    • card parameters are card-dependant (Please refer to documentation provided by your smart card manufacturer).

  • If you want to use ant, go to the <Mesure>/bin/ directory, edit the build.xml so that the java6.home element fits your JVM and run the following command
    • ant

    which runs mesure tools in the following order:
    • calibrate
    • manager
    • filter
    • extractor
    • profiler

    The alternative is to run the tools by hand in the same order :

    • calibrate.bat under Windows
    • under Linux
    • ...

  • If everything went well, the results should be stored in the following html file: <Mesure>/tmp/results.html